Blackboard LMS information for the Iowa Valley Community College District
Blackboard LMS for IVCCD is at
The Blackboard App and Blackboard Instructor App are both available for IOS and Android devices- search for Iowa Valley

Blackboard Information for Students at Iowa Valley
Computer Information for Students (PDF)
Blackboard Online Course Information: ECC MCC (PDF)
Steps to entroll in the Iowa Valley "Intro. to Blackboard for Students" class online; ECC style (PDF)

Iowa Valley Faculty Video Clips and Information

Blackboard Help for Students (at the Blackboard site)

Angel LMS to Blackboard QuickStart Overview (PDF)

Faculty Blackboard Resources (at the CUNY site - online version)

Introduction to Blackboard 9.1: Faculty Guide (at the CUNY site - PDF version) is a Blackboard LMS site that is free for small classes and uses about the same version of Blackboard that we use at Iowa Valley.