ISU Play Concordances: The Importance of Being Earnest

This WWW site contains the complete dialogue from Oscar Wilde's play The Importance of Being Earnest in a full concordance format: every word in the dialogue of the play is indexed and connected to its textual context. You can search it for wordlists (alphabetic and frequency-ordered), for KWIC concordances, and for collocations (in the context around the keyword).

The ISU Concordance Databases simplify word-level research on the dialogue in the plays included in the project. They are not meant to replace the reading of these plays in their published forms. This site is designed as a supplement to library resources, not as a replacement for reading published books.

For information about the playwright, the history of performances, literary and theatrical criticism, please consult the closest research library. Further information about the database is available from:Rosanne G. Potter orJoe Struss.

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This project was originally created at Iowa State University byRosanne G. Potter andJoe Struss. Please properly cite this resource if you use it in your work. Technical/HTML problems and comments should be e-mailed to Joe Struss (Joe's Sig )

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