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Complete Word List Ordered by Frequency for'night, Mother

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Searching the Play

In the following link, search using your browser's Find mechanism (under the Edit menu item in Netscape). All keywords are prefixed with a double-colon (::) and all speaker's names are prefixed with a colon-equals (:=) while location within the source is designated by a locator at the start of the string. Keywords are first grouped together in alphabetical order and then sequenced by their order within the play. As an example:
.10  ::HIMSELF          :=Jessie:                      calculator. Dawson bought it for himself, you know, but then he saw one he
The keyword here is HIMSELF (search for ::HIMSELF) while the speaker is Jessie and the phrase is "calculator. Dawson bought it for himself, you know, but then he saw one he" which can be found in the text source under MOTHER1.10.

Complete Word, Speaker and Phrase List Ordered Alphabetically for 'night, Mother


You will not be able to see both the characters' names and the KWIC feature unless you expand your screen size or reduce the point size of your display. Use of proportional typefaces will lead to output that does not line up. Set your preferences file to 9 point courier or times small.
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