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How to install a TeX/LaTeX system on a Windows or a Macintosh System

LaTeX Class Handouts:
Installation Notes, First Steps,
Writing a Paper,
Writing a Thesis


Welcome to the IT Learning Pods. This Web site provides links to student classes, training materials and online podcasts / classes that promote student IT learning.

Each training pod listed on the left has complete information including handouts, links and data for a set of classes on one particular topic. Feel free to investigate and explore. These classes were created both for use in a classroom setting or individually by the self-motivated student.

Class Updates: The "Installing LaTeX", "Intro. to LaTeX" and "Writing a Thesis With LaTeX" class handouts along with the "Writing a Paper with LaTeX" class manual have all been updated this semester.

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The Video, HTML, MailChimp and JS classes are now under the Social Networking category.

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