Course Information CIS161 (C++, CRN: 12131)
3 credits Fall Semester 2017-18
Meeting Tuseday Nights from 6-7:30pm (Web blended) (8/29 through 12/12):

LOCATION: DMACC / Ankeny Campus, Bldg. 8 /Room 17 & Web-blended
EMAIL: jastruss at server

TEXT: Starting Out with C++  by Gaddis From Control Structures to Objects (9th Edition) by Tony Gaddis
Published by: Pearson - ISBN:  9780134498379

SOFTWARE: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 or better (C++ setup; probably using Visual Studio 2010 in class) or Dev C++ or any standard C++ Compiler

OFFICE HOURS (offline and online) and LOCATION: Ankeny Campus, Building 8/ Room 1C on Monday and Wednesday Nights by appointment only but prefer to work with a student by e-mail first before an appointment is scheduled.

Full Class Syllabus and Calendar:

Class Syllabus and Calendar