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Dreamweaver III - Layers & Behaviors

This class introduces the concept of designing a web site using layers. Topics include creating a comp, adding page layers, adding content to layers, viewing / setting layer properties, adding / altering css style sheets, creating a template page and adding video. (90 min.)

Class Handout / Data Folder / Example

Dreamweaver 3.5 - PHP & Dreamweaver

This class examines how to create a dynamic web site using Dreamweaver, CSS and PHP. The class explores putting together a web site as a set of pieces that PHP assembles when the page is selected. The course will also go over some tips and tools for using Dreamweaver with PHP along with covering some basic PHP commands. (90 min.)

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Dreamweaver IV - Projects

This class combines together three different intermediate Dreamweaver projects. Topics include Fireworks drop-down menus, CSS style sheet integration / alteration, creating / adding Flash video, and incorporating SPRY tabbed panels into a web site. (90 min.)

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