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Basic HTML Class Notes (PDF)
Class Data- Change homepage.base to homepage.html or index.html to use.

  • Podcast 9- "Cooking With Style" looks at image tags and placement: Flash Cards
  • Podcast 8- Special HTML tags with Counselor Lee: Flash Cards
  • Podcast 7- How the WWW Really Words. An instructional technology film: Flash Cards
  • Podcast 6- Boot Camp Barracks. Information about HTML Lists: Flash Cards
  • Podcast 5- Fast WWW Facts- Gopher. Information Segment about Gopher- a precursor to the Web of today: Flash Cards
  • Podcast 4- More HTML Boot Camp with the Drill Sgt. and Lt. Practice: Flash Cards
  • Podcast 3- HTML Boot Camp- Basic HTML Information: Flash Cards
  • Podcast 2- Pico Editors commands and Setup Information (Mainly Local): Flash Cards
  • Podcast 1- Introduction, Basic Setup (Local) and HTML Overview: Flash Cards
  • Podcast 10- "Cooking with Style (Part 2)" looks at various anchor links: Flash Cards
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