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The isuthesis package is a local documentclass that was created to allow students to easily create a thesis with LaTeX. To go along with this documentclass, a thesis template containing a mock-up thesis is also used to get students started.

The original isuthes style files were created by Erica Harris, George Christensen and Joe Struss in the late 80's/early 90's. The isuthesis package was created in 1996 by Joe Struss is an updated and modified version of the isuthes style files. The isuthesis documentclass which is an updated version of the isuthesis package was created by Joe Struss in 2011.

ISUthesis installation information can be found in: Installing TeX/LaTeX on a Windows or Macintosh System
(Updated for the new isuthesis documentclass Feb. 2011.)

Isuthesis documentclass and template:
isuthesis Documentclass 1.04
The isuthesis package is now used as a document class with an updated top margin and title page from the thesis office. The isuthesis documentclass and thesis template also now come as a single download and the isuthesis documentclass no longer has to be installed but can be used right after downloading and extracting the zip file. (Last Update Mar. 18, 2011: Updated location of mybib.bib and included the apa.bst bibtex style file.) Example PDF
Directory access to isuthesis complete documentclass files.
Lyx version of isuthesis complete is now available.
Directory access to the lyx version of isuthesis complete.

Alternate isuthesis templates: Example PDF
Alternate thesis template, Directory Access to Alternate thesis documentclass files

 Older version isuthesis package