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Video, Basic HTML, MailChimp & JS

Video Clips for the Web (Class Image)

Basic HTML IT Learning Pods Example

ISU Camp. 2011


Video Clips for the Web

This class looks at creating simple video clips for the web using Windows Movie Maker, though the techniques can be applied to almost any video editor. People are using short video clips as an introduction to an online class, to add interest to a web site, and to publicize events on social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube. This interactive workshop guides you through some simple techniques on how to take a lecture-type presentation and add transitions, insert photos plus add titles and effects. The class will also export their final video projects for a variety of uses. No previous video editing knowledge is required. (90 min.)

Class Handout

Class Examples: Flash Video, iTunes Video & YouTube Video


Many times on social networking sites like a Facebook, MySpace or even a standard blog; you are given an option to add additional text or links to other sites, graphics and information using HTML or XHTML. This class goes over the basics of HTML, XHTML and then looks at their use on a few social networking sites. No previous HTML background is required but class members are encouraged to have a Facebook account of their own which they can log in to during class. (90 minutes)

Class Handout / Class Data


HTML5 is the first major development in HTML in over ten years mainly being pushed to the forefront by the quick, expansion of mobile technology. This class looks at the transition from the classic HTML tags to the new HTML5 tags and what changes you can expect to make to your web site to make it more HTML5 compliant in terms of video, audio and page layout. Some background knowledge of HTML and HTML tags are assumed. There is no charge for this class. (90 minutes)

Class Handout / Class Data / Ex1 / Ex2 / Ex3

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