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MailChimp: An Introduction

This class covers MailChimp an online social media tool that allows one to create an e-mail mailing list, send group e-mail messages and even create and send a short HTML newsletter for a group, department or club. You can also integrate MailChimp with social networking sites and track your e-mail effectiveness. The class will go over building and managing an e-mail list, designing a simple HTML newsletter and logging your e-mail results. (90 min.)

Class Handout

Javascript is a simple way to add action and interaction to a Web page. This course covers the basics of javascript and some simple tricks to add to your Web page. The class will cover some javascript basics as well as techniques on how to create: scrolling titles, rollover images, cycling banners with links, simple redirection, a slide show and pop-up windows with javascript. Some basic HTML and programming knowledge is also helpful for this class. (90 minutes)

Class Handout / Class Data / Examples

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