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  Just another day in the life... of Romona Quimby

For all Animations, click the tree trunk to start the animation and then click the Klickitat sign to reset animation. Animations take a while to initally load online.

Fall Animation (V3)

Winter Animation (V3)

Spring Animation (V4)

Summer Animation (V3)

Night Stars (V2) (Rough- bright star to start)

WhopperBurger Sign

FrostKing Sign (V2)

Wedding Flowers Animation (V2)
(click pink field then <spacebar> to start)

Whopperburger Advert (V2)

Pantyhose Advert (V3) (Rough)
(click area then <spacebar> to start

Intro. - Image Overlay (V3) (Child facial images are from an external file )

V stands for Version.