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Classes from the IT Pods Archive

These classes/series are no longer actively taught or supported by IT Learning Pods but the class notes may still be relevant to learning the current particular computer application and are presented for those students who can work independently via class notes.

Items in the archive are requested on an individual basis and normally only remain up for a month or two.

Photoshop 102 (Retired Class - Photoshop for Design Students)
Photo102: Class Notes, Example1 (zip archive), Example Set 2 (zip archive)
Classroom Capture Introduction (Retired Class - Echo360)
Classroom Capture I Ad Hoc

CC1: This class looked at capturing the audio, audio/computer screen or audio/video portion of a classroom presentation for use as a Podcast in iTunesU, WebCT or in other educational learning environments. The class mainly focused on using the EchoSystem and the Echo360 software to do classroom capture at Iowa State. Concepts include: defining classroom capture, looking at the Digital Media Pipeline, looking at the requirements for using the Echo360 and how to get started with the system, plus various ways of using the software in the classroom and some tips on getting the most out of your classroom capture. No previous knowledge of Podcasting/Audio editing required. (120 min.)

Class Handout

Classroom Capture II - ITunesU (Retired Class - Echo 360)
ItunesU Class CC2: This class looked at using your classroom audio or video podcasts on iTunesU and WebCT. Topics included setting up podcasts in iTunesU or WebCT for use in a classroom or online classroom; tagging your podcasts with additional information that will make them easier to use; podcast logging to see if your podcasts are being used; and pointers on connecting your online podcast resources. Prerequisite: Classroom capture knowledge as obtained from the Classroom Capture I class or previous experience. (90 min.)
Class Handout

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