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The TeX Lion is the official mascot of the International TeX Users Group (TUG) which guides and promotes the use of TeX and LaTeX throughout the world.

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Note: LaTeX for a Thesis workshop notes were updated on March 1, 2011. Installation notes updated for the new isuthesis documentclass on Feb. 28, 2011.

Local Installation Notes: Installing TeX/LaTeX on a Windows or Macintosh System
Panopto - Mac Tex/LaTeX Installation- Mac install online class session &
Windows install online class session- Part 1 (Download), Part 2 (Dearchiving & Getting files), Part 3 (Installation),
Part 4
(isuthesis installation)
(Older installation notes from Oct. 2010)

Windows- Main Tex System

Windows- Tex/LaTeX Front-Ends

Macintosh- Main Tex System

Macintosh- Tex/LaTeX Front-Ends