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The isuthesis package is a local set of style files that was created to allow students to easily create a thesis with LaTeX. To go along with these style files, a thesis template containing a mock-up thesis is also used to get students started.

The original isuthes style files were created by Erica Harris, George Christensen and Joe Struss in the late 80's/early 90's. The isuthesis package created in 1996 by Joe Struss is an updated and modified version of the isuthes style files.

ISUthesis installation information can be found in: Installing TeX/LaTeX on a Windows or a Mac System (Older version)

The isuthesis package: isuthesis 1.24
includes local style files mathbarr, fullpage and multicol.
Current Version 1.24: now works with the color package! Yeah! Thanks Ulrike Fischer! Expanded hyperref options now included in standard template. Reverted back to standard maketitle command in titletoc.tex. Thanks also to Heiko Oberdiek for hyperref clean-up hint. (Last Update Nov. 1, 2006: Updated isumacros.sty and version number.)

Standard isuthesis template: isuthesis template (v1.24)
(thesis.tex updated for bookmarking linking of abstract and acknowledgements: April 3, 2008) Example PDF

Experimental: ISUthesis (isuthesis1file.sty) and template (thesis1.tex) each fully contained in one file based on isuthesis 1.24 and template v1.24. Just put the style file and the template into a folder and use with any standard LaTeX application. Example PDF

Alternate isuthesis templates: alternative isuthesis templates Use with caution. (thesisalt1.tex and thesisalt2.tex updated for bookmarking of abstract and acknowledgements: April 3, 2008) Example 1 PDF, Example 2 PDF

Some example PDF thesis files are shown using the hyperref package which is not on by default in the templates.

Experimental BMCisuthesis thesisalt1.tex variation based on BioMed Central's bmc_article class.
thesisalt1bmc PDF